Writers eyes and readers eyes are not the same. 3 more killer writing tips
Linda Caroll

I apologise in advance for these comments as I thought your article good but naive. Unless you are writing a simple explanation, article or business brochure, then let your imagination run free. “The Ravening sea, tore at the beach with a wakened, Kraken’s claws, rending rocks and sea creatures in it’s frenzied cannibalistic maw”. Reads better than “It was windy and the waves hit the beach”. Most business people are smart, they would not have gained success without a certain amount of sense. So they understand the need for drama, every salesman does, get them to buy today. “Its a good pen, the ink flows well, your customers will be happy with it”. Or “when King John was signing the Magna Carta, he would have given his kingdom for a pen like this. Feel the weight of it and the sleek style, It has class, just by owning this pen you will be better at your job, others will think more of you, what a cool, sleek pen. Oh and we do business cards as well. Here is mine. My name is Patrick Bateman. Do you see the subtle shading, the raised font?

Many authors write for themselves and then hope that others buy in. Why write something for others except for the love of money. All authors, myself included, wish for money. Who does not? but do they write for it?

Few (there are some)do, most authors are writing to try and create a great book. Most, if offered a Freudian deal, would happily accept success after their own demise rather than riches in this life time. What is worse is that almost all know that they will fail in the attempt.

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