Maybe I Suck As A Writer?

Of course you suck as a writer, I suck as a writer, all writers suck in their own minds. Do you ever compare your writings with mine for example? No you compare yourself with “Voltaire”, “Dickens” and many other luminaries (insert whoever you admire in place of Dickens and FMA de Voltaire). I sell a few books, many think me a good writer but apart from the odd very stylish line here and there I consider myself the cannon fodder of the literary world as I will never be as good as I wish to be. No book I have produced is as good as “A Tale of two Cities”, no play has had the dry wit of “Candide” but (and here is a true motivation) one day I shall write something that is as good as those mentioned. Or at least that is the plan. I keep trying and I keep getting better and the more I practice and make the effort the closer I get. I have not got there yet and perhaps I never will but I will try for as long as I can and until that day comes (if it ever does) I will suck as a writer.