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Why they give up?

I still don’t get this thing. When people decide to do something, then why do they give up? I personally find this notion very annoying and inexcusable. Why proclaim something with whole heart at first and then after a while just drift apart from doing it. Why?
Is it because you are losing everything and heading nowhere? Is it because it’s too much for you to put all your efforts for such a trivial thing?
Is it because everyone around you is saying it’s not possible?

If that’s the case, then why proclaim at first to do it and end up doing something else? Why strive hard enough to make that dream possible and leave it in the middle just to be nothing? No one said it would be easy to pursue something in which you believe in. After all, nothing can or will ever justify this very ghastly act of giving up.

Just to be supportive of the above statements, I would like to share something with you.

If you fail your exams that doesn’t mean you will give up. You will try next year, right?
If you are unemployed and finding a job then you will not give up. You will find a way to make your living, right? Even many new startups are emerging nowadays, most of them are failing and among them very few are only trying again, that’s what I call commendable.

This simply boils down to one simple fact that you don’t have to give up if you truly believe in something. You just need to work through it. It might be tough for you but I am sure determination will never betray you. But by giving up, you are failing yourself, you are giving up on your own ideas, your own dreams, you are thrashing yourself to your own
abyss of mind. And that is repugnant.

I have seen many people giving up, just dropping their thoughts and dreams to rest and trying to move on by suppressing it to another dimension of their mind. But let me remind you, this will be in your mind as a regret or as a road not taken. You wouldn’t know if you haven’t tried it. Right? What if you might have just succeeded if you would have tried harder? You just assume that things will not work at all. With such negativity, yes they will never work, ever. You can’t be a pessimist and expect a Maserati in your parking lot.

One more thing, i would like to add in order to support my credence is that, many great people have inspired us to do many things but one thing was very common in them.
 “They didn’t give up”
 “They didn’t give up for what they believe, despite all the strident voices of people around them who said it’s not possible.”
They aspire themselves for what they believe in, they came across many hurdles but they didn’t budge. I am sure they all were crestfallen at some point in their life but no matter what they continued to believe in their ideas. We laugh at the idea of doing something which has never been done before, don’t we? But when someone takes all the criticism and still does it with their whole heart, we are bound to praise it, right? 
For instance, that guy who made a path through the mountains, that girl with prosthetic leg who climbed the Mount Everest and there are many more. Regardless of their situation they never gave up, they did it anyway.

So back to my question, Why can’t we follow that same principle in our own life?
 They were not born special, they made themselves special, is what I believe.
And I have no intention of giving up either on my dreams or my loved ones. A lot of people will say, you are insane, you can’t do that. But guess what, I will never know if I don’t try, right? So I will never give up just because people are scared even to imagine that something at that level is possible. I remember her saying that once,
You will hate me one day” and I replied smiling to that “I have loved you more than everything. How will I ever hate you because of anything”.
I said that to her because I truly believe in that. I am not that guy who is reticent about his personal matters. I speak what I feel, I write what I feel. So yes, for me feeling is germane to my very existence. I don’t want to suppress anything or be in any kind of facade just to show the world how tough I can be. I want to show everyone that

“At times I may be weak,
 At times I may be strong,
 I can’t say I will always win,
 But I am sure I will never give up”

— rv diary

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