I Was a Musical Director at My Church — Until I Quit
Jon Headley

Jon, you have a good point, if we do all of that service, we can burn out.

I didn’t read anything in your experience about Jesus and his place in our lives. Christianity is the only world view that has a cross and grace. It’s the only religion where the king dies for the subjects. It seems to me, being right with God is not about what we do, but about what God did. We can’t please God without God. Abraham believed God and was declared righteous, we do the same. We are on God’s death row and we can’t get off by good behavior (by service because we burn out).

We didn’t ask to be here, I didn’t ask to be me, but I am. I woke up (age 10 or so) in a functioning universe (sun, moon, stars), being relentlessly conveyed through time by a ticking clock, none of this was any of my doing. It seems to be that we are here to have fellowship with a creator, one that came and talked to us, one that loves us enough to die for us. We can manipulate or game that — it’s not about us, God did it.

When we are looking toward God, we can’t see our shadow, it will follow. If we turn around and try to catch our shadow, we’ll never feel fulfilled.

Thanks for sharing.