From physics to life:

Artwork by Niv Bavarsky

In simple articulation, sound is composed of waves. Those waves have different lengths and frequencies. We as human beings pick up certain ranges of those waves; animals for instance pick up few different ones..

That being said, we could apply this to our voices.. zoom in more, to our opinions.

You see, in life, as we all definitely know, not everyone hears your opinion. Not everyone enjoys the sound of your logic or your dreams!

We should always remember that "maybe they are unable to pick my wave!" It's nothing personal. He or she or even they, are tuned into other frequeces. Maybe they have no clue this frequency of yours exists!

The most important thing in this whole introduction is for you to know that if you Believe in your Dream, yet it isn't being picked up by the people you're singing to, then change the audience, just Don't ever stop singing.

What's even more interesting and solid physics is that repeating sounds are subconsciously blocked by the brain. Just like your heart beat... You just don't hear it anymore but it's definitely there and reoccurring non-stop until your last breathe.

Similarly your dreams and the audience around you. Close to you. They reach to a stage where they subconsciously block your music, consequently their interest and expected support.

Do not wait for support from the people close to you. The people you got to know first will generally arrive last. Until the sound of your music becomes loud, only then they will really lend you an ear.

That's the natural and physical way of how things happen.


Dream big, sing loudly, but sing clearly. Rest assure someone will pick your frequencies.