Cover photo for the article. Origin of life: leading theories and development. A summary of what I learned from SF Institute.
Cover photo made by the author.

A summary of what I learned from the Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity Explorer online course

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And an option to set an auto-filled direct message template.

An analysis of fallacious beliefs during ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019

The only shortcut to nailing that interview


  1. Personal story on how I started listening to radio
  2. My ultimate switch from radio to podcasts
  3. What are podcasts?
  4. Ways to listen to podcasts
  5. Kind of podcasts available today
  6. Why you should listen to podcasts and how you…

Gallery of visualizations from the largest open-source community of data-enthusiasts

It’s time to take data literacy seriously and look towards a life beyond pre-installed software


In 1965, Intel’s cofounder Gordon Moore predicted the doubling of computing power every two years through innovations in the classical computer chip. Half a century later, we’ve hit the physical limits to this faithful law. …

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