Cover photo for the article. Origin of life: leading theories and development. A summary of what I learned from SF Institute.
Cover photo for the article. Origin of life: leading theories and development. A summary of what I learned from SF Institute.
Cover photo made by the author.

A summary of what I learned from the Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity Explorer online course

At some point of our lives, we’ve all asked “what is life and how did it originate?”. This particular question is a really difficult one. One might think that after decades of research we would have more answers than questions. But that is not the case today. We have never been more perplexed about the complexity and richness of living systems.

However, this is a great sign! Whenever we’ve answered some deep and fundamental question in science, we’ve unlocked a new larger set of questions. So we are heading in the right direction.

Science is usually imagined as layers of…

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And an option to set an auto-filled direct message template.

Adding a call to action (CTA) can increase your conversion rate and boost the users engagement with your Twitter brand. Though the platform doesn’t give much choice to customize a tweet, the simple hack mentioned in this article can increase the range of tools in your belt to market your brand.

What is the feature?

The direct message CTA can be seen in the screenshot below. By pinning it to the top of your profile, one can make it easier for other profiles to engage with you. In this case the tweet is marketing a weekly newsletter.

An analysis of fallacious beliefs during ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019

The Cricket Worldcup has been entertaining billions of people since 1975. I may not be the biggest fan of Cricket, but the ICC World-Cup 2019 was definitely a memorable one for me, albeit not for the reasons you may think. For me this worldcup was a good lesson in logical and sound thinking; an example of post hoc ergo propter hoc and other fallacies.

Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sport. Viewership for some games can be as high as one billion people, which is proof of the fact that the sport is by no measure a casual…

The only shortcut to nailing that interview

A minimum of four agonizing years in a typical Asian university and the least a student can ask for is a decent job. Is asking for a return on investment for the time and money spent on education a bit too much?

Unfortunately the situation is not so one-dimensional. If you believe that graduating from a prestigious university will guarantee you a high paying job, then you are highly mistaken. …

How I switched to podcasts and how you can get started too


  1. Personal story on how I started listening to radio
  2. My ultimate switch from radio to podcasts
  3. What are podcasts?
  4. Ways to listen to podcasts
  5. Kind of podcasts available today
  6. Why you should listen to podcasts and how you can benefit from it
  7. The current podcast landscape
  8. My favorite podcasts

Growing up in Pakistan automatically means that somethings are just too difficult to relate with the rest of the world. Even now, when I wish to talk to you about podcasts, I can’t help but feel impatient to tell…

Gallery of visualizations from the largest open-source community of data-enthusiasts

By 2020, humans will generate a mind-bending 40 yottabyte of data per day. That is enough data to create a line of standard 1 TB hard disks from the Earth to the Sun, 25 times over!*

With so many inputs, a visualization’s form factor is just one of the details that businesses will be mindful of as they try to make sense of the numbers. It’s a skill that requires a mastery of the art itself to build a clutter-free and robust representation of a complex dataset.

There is no better place on the internet to find people master this…

It’s time to take data literacy seriously and look towards a life beyond pre-installed software

In the early days of the industrial revolution, mathematics as a subject in high school was still considered a non-essential skill. It took decades before the subject was made mandatory for high-schoolers across America. As E. O. Wilson — the Pulitzer Prize winning biologist — mentioned in his book “Letters to a Young Scientist”:

I finally got around to calculus as a thirty-two-year-old tenured professor at Harvard, where I sat uncomfortably in classes with undergraduate students only a bit more than half my age. — E. O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize–winning biologist.

In present times, you cannot graduate high school without…


In 1965, Intel’s cofounder Gordon Moore predicted the doubling of computing power every two years through innovations in the classical computer chip. Half a century later, we’ve hit the physical limits to this faithful law. And so, as we faced another brickwall, we invented a new generation of computers to get around this problem

Albeit this time we used the same laws of physics that prevented us from classically progressing any further. Here is everything you need to know about the revolutionary world of quantum computing, and how it will influence our future.

The History of Computing

Relics like the Sumerian Abacus (2500 B.C.)…

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