CoGov Presents: A Digital Protocol for Scaling Loving Kindness

  • Listen to a mantra to set the mood for your read: I Release Control, by Alexa Sunshine Rose.
  • See the bottom of this article for a personal note. Consider reading it first.
  • If you want to skip the philosophy, and get to the meat of the proposal, skip to the section headed with “A Game”

Love vs. Control: In the Psycho-Spiritual Realm

Love vs. Control: In the Emotional Realm

Love vs. Control: At the Interpersonal Level

Love vs. Control: In Socioeconomics

The Feedback Loop of Love

Knowing Loving Kindness

The Deep Work of Loving Kindness

A Game

Game A

Tech Talk: The Control Paradigm

Tech Talk: The Love Paradigm

Algorithmically Identifying Loving Kindness in a Socioeconomic System

The Right Level of Abstraction and Complexity for This Moment in Earthly Evolution

Now is the Time! Steps Towards Actualization…

A Personal Note About Writing This Article




Lead Fellow, Foundation for the Protocols of Love

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Raymond D. Powell

Raymond D. Powell

Lead Fellow, Foundation for the Protocols of Love

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