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6 Steps for Designers to Get Noticed by High Paying Clients

Move past the old tactics to get clients

When it comes to finding freelance jobs, getting high-paying clients, and becoming a thought leader, LinkedIn is a gold mine and it can help you get noticed by international companies in no time.

Let me share some actionable steps:

1. Follow relevant people

On LinkedIn, start looking for individuals who post international job opportunities.

Start following them (don’t send them a connection request just yet).

Such people have similar connections in their network and every time they engage with a post that offers a job, you’ll be able to see it in your timeline as well.

Once you see those 2nd or 3rd level connections posting job opportunities, follow them as well.

Within no time, your timeline will be full of posts where people are sharing opportunities.

2. Engage with people

Start liking other people’s posts that are relevant to your domain.

If you genuinely find something interesting, only then engage with it.

Start conversations in the people’s comments section by either appreciating them or sharing your point of view about their post.

When you do that, your visibility would increase.

Some people would start viewing your profile, and some might start following you as well.

3. Thought leadership

Pick some categories that complement your expertise and try to post 2 to 3 textual posts a week.

Don’t overthink and don’t worry if the post isn’t perfect or 100% technically correct.

It could even be a short paragraph. Just get in the habit of posting.

Gradually, if you stay consistent, people will consider you as an expert in your domain.

The goal is to become the least risky option for a company and that is only possible if they perceive you as an expert.

Just provide value to others without thinking about the engagement you’re getting.

4. Closed design communities

Nowadays, a lot of agencies have started creating closed communities so that they don’t lose their followers if SM platforms cease to exist.

So, search on Google for such communities and join them.

Usually, companies use Slack, Discord, and sometimes platforms like Circle.

In these communities, there’s always a job opportunity channel where people actively post what they’re looking for.

5. Share your case studies

On LinkedIn, share your work in the form of a case study.

Don’t just paste an external link to your work.

Write a brief post about the project, your thought process, and the problem you’ve solved.

6. Utilize ADPList

ADPList is a platform where you can find mentors from all around the world with whom you can chat for free.

Book a session with mentors on a weekly basis.

Make sure you have a real topic to discuss.

If you consistently talk to relevant people, you will be able to build your network very quickly.

After the session, follow that person on LinkedIn and engage with their posts.

The things I’ve mentioned above would work better if you have a good LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and resume.

Let me know in the comments if you know about any other way to get discovered by high-paying design clients.

Good luck :)




Raza is an award-winning Design Consultant, Trainer, & Mentor with over a decade of work experience with startups and tech companies.

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M. Raza Ali Khan

M. Raza Ali Khan

Raza is an award-winning Design Consultant, Trainer, & Mentor with over a decade of work experience with startups and tech companies.

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