Life of purpose of professional

I have met with professional and try to get some answers about their life of purpose, hurdles and how he get through them:

I had a life of purpose to do job in power sector because it is a vast field. First I was doing job in Karachi and it was my dream job but suddenly Karachi’s condition became worse and I have to come in Lahore and I quit my job from Karachi and I did not get enough from them so it was very hard for me to get job here as a fresher. There was apparently no job here even after 3 months I did not lose hope and try to apply it, I have to wait for hours to meet any person of industry even they show reluctance but it was related to my career and I have to do this and I did not notice their criticism but some also show some satisfaction on me after seeing my passion then I got job in power plant again. Now I have goal to become a project manager and I am trying. Summary is that most difficult task also can concur by tour passion and hardworking.

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