Meeting with Professionals

I have met in person with assistant manager of Packages Power Plant, it was very nice meeting with him. First of all, I asked him that people say that don’t talk badly about your company or boss. He told me that we can not do that because every one wants to stay in touch with boss if anyone talk bad about boss might be he can complain to get higher rank so we have to control ourselves to do this kind of act.

Then I ask, how important is relation of worker with boss? He told me that if want satisfy and don’t want to get extra work then make good relation with boss and working body and they will behave like brother but if you don’t responsibility then it will create problems.

How important is to join professional body? He told me that he got his job in Packages due to professional body. Initially he was in Karachi and wants to get job in Lahore and persons who took his interview have met before in meeting so it was good impact than others.

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