Responsibility of Other Success is also your Responsibility

My friend is from FATA and they are not much clear about their future and always try to do those work that other men have done and copy their acts. He told me that he will do MS and phd from America. So I suggested him you did not do any research paper, try to take project and work on it as a volunteer then you will realize that are you interested or not. He told me after some days that he will do job because research work does not suit him.

Then I also suggested the same person because they also do some side business that in every work practice matters a lot. You should not go for phd if you want to do job and want to run your small business. He was totally agree with me and also shared some examples of his friends that has done phd but did not do very well in your career just because of lack of planning and coaching.

Then I advised him for job point of view that don’t run for salary when you have started to work in an organization then its your time to learn from them and maximize your technical and communication knowledge. Don’t leave any organization for salary and try to work for at least one year that will show your passion to this company and also show your responsibility skills that you have and put good impact on CV.

It is very necessary to find your passion and you can find it by doing those work that you think, you are passionate about. If you are passionate, you will like this otherwise you are not. Always keep the power of decision to yourself and only you can take decision about yourself because other don’t know you. You know yourself and can take good decision. Before decision, think a lot about it and understand all merits and demerits but after decision own your decision no matter you win or loos. It will enhance your decision making skills.

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