What do you mean by “normal” or “weird”?

I’m a weird guy. I love doing strange things. But then, I tend to wonder,

what do you mean by weird?


what do you mean by normal?

I’m not talking about a dictionary definition. I’m talking about a summary of what people mean by the words “weird” or “normal”.

I’m talking about why people use it, and what most, but not all, people think about it.

In my opinion, weird, is different.

In my opinion, weird, is different! Yes, it may be clothes, color, food, knowledge, anything!

Weird is something, I think, that makes people special, in a way, that everybody else considers strange.

People think other people are weird, usually, if they think that person is different in a way that makes them very unique, in terms of anything.

Next time you feel that someone calls you weird, or strange, take it as a compliment rather than an insult!

You are a different human, and you are amazing, awesome, different and weird.

No matter how much you struggle to be normal, everybody will judge you.

So live life by your own rules, keep your weirdness, and don’t caare what anyone says. You are you, and you are special.

You are weird.