10 Fresh Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Podcast

Don’t focus just on marketing before your podcast is worth being advertised

To be honest, a great, successful podcast can grow further if applying one or many of your points! I think you made great points! Yet i am a little worried, there are few rather important topics there you have missed. What about great content? What about being original and somehow special? What about making sure, your core audience is happy? Don’t get me wrong, your 10 points are worth trying! And are rather helpfull. However what bothers me is if people start to market their podcast before it is worth it. Spend more time on promotion instead of creating content worth market.

So what is more important before going to those rather progressive ideas you wrote about:

  • good guests with a high reach
  • great content and good audio
  • core audience you interact with

Only when you have come so far, the advanced tips @Buzzsprout wrote about are perfectly applicable and should catapult you even further! And don’t forget, a podcast you love to do is a podcast the audience will enjoy as well!