We are only starting to discover the many uses to VR
Premium VR Content — The Chicken And The Egg Problem
Sivan Iram

The Uses of VR are clear, how to establish them,not!

Sivan Iram inspired me to write this short comment on his article, especially on the Phrase “We are only starting to discover the many uses of VR”! The article is very nice! Yet i don’t agree on this specific point!

The many uses of VR

If anyone knows me or listened ever the podcast ResearchVR that are aware how much i talk about VR! And without shamelessly plugging just my own podcast, i was once guest on the @Pure_VR at the episode itrl? The German Invasion feat. Petr Legov. There i was speaking mostly about industries using virtual reality! Who ever want to listen, feel free! I don’t think it makes sense to rewrite things that have been written so many times! On techrepublic there is a great article on the 9 use cases. The obvious, without going to much into details are:

  • Medical applications
  • Industrial (serious) applications
  • Education
  • (Research)

So as the current VR wave is already the second one, we knew very well what to do with VR! And besides industrial usage, the entertaining is also very, very obvious!

Why do we struggle to implement what we suppose to knew

I might have a different stance compared to Sivan Iram since i am sure, we knew very well most uses of VR! But i agree on his quote from Premium VR Content — The Chicken And The Egg Problem

To get out of the chicken-and-egg problem, we must invest in both chickens and eggs without the expectations of immediate returns.” — Sivan Iram

First of all, most of the Investment is going into Hardware right now! And we have a second huge problem! During our recent Episode of ResearchVR 007 — The Glass ceiling in VR ecosystems: EU vs. US one became clear: At least in Europe there is not much happening at all! (not much =! nothing)

That means, while there is a ton of research, ideas and creative people out there, ready to produce the most mind blowing content one could possibly imagine … it is not happening to the extend it could! No investment in content is really made, other than by Porn industry and some game publishers. And i am not speaking of few hundred thousand here and there!

Second of all, the hardware, yes the hardware is yet not there, neither! Sure some dev kits are our. But is it a mass market? Is there a market at all? To quote Sean Whitmore at the above mentioned episode, there is just no market yet! An Oculus store does not count. We are way behind anything worth being called a market. We will end up there, no worries! But again, in contrast to many, i believe that it is the industrial and medical, as well es research fields who have to adopt first. As you can read on my response to Alex Taussig, without professionals using VR in their daily tasks, i don’t see a future for anything big and entertaining maybe except port!

Disclaimer: Petr Legkov is Cognitive Scientist, working on functional and serious applications in VR at SALT AND PEPPER software solutions , is the co-host of theResearchVR podcast and a VR optimist!

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