Onward to 2019!

This was a big year for Insitome. Our three flagship products, Regional Ancestry, Neanderthal, and Metabolism, have been present in the Helix store for over a year. Over the next few months, we plan on upgrading and rolling out changes. One of the aspects of running a science-based service is that as the field evolves and changes, with dynamic technology we can update with the science. Watch for new “Traits” on our “Insights” over the next few months!

The Insight podcast produced over 40+ episodes. With over 150+ ratings on Apple, it is now one of the premier science-themed podcasts on the platform.

With 100+ posts on the blog, we are pushing forward with the project of complementing personal genomic products with information resources. The experience of receiving genetic results should be more than a one-time event. Insitome aims to provide continuous updates and revelations past on the latest science.

We’ll also be posting more updates to our YouTube website.

Interested in learning where your ancestors came from? Check out Regional Ancestry by Insitome to discover various regional migration stories and more!