This post details how to build a simple customizable floating messages package in for Unity projects using C#. It was built and implemented in All Fours Mobile. For novice developers, such as myself, that are transitioning to making modular and reusable components, this post may be particularly useful. At the end, you should be able to export this project as a package that you can reuse in your other games. It will also be easy to change the look and feel of the actual floating message via the power of prefabs. …

I recently developed a casual game Hit Ah Fish and wanted to perform a camera shake. In this particular project, All of my GameObjects operate within a canvas. So of course my first instinct was simply to google ‘Camera Shake Unity Canvas’ which lead me to a Yunolab blog post. This post tweaks the strategy applied in that post. Yuno achieved the screen shake effect by changing the renderMode of the canvas to World Space at the beginning, performing the screen shake on the camera and then reverting the canvas back to its original state at end.

This approach is…


As I’ve recently decided to publish games at a faster pace, I decided that I needed to streamline the process of creating and integrating leaderboards. Previously, I created a new database and wrote new APIs for each game’s leaderboard. This approach is extremely tedious and wildly inefficient (display of my noobness). A solution to this problem is simply to have a third party handle leaderboards.

I also decided to implement facebook login into leaderboards. As such, the first place I searched was facebook for developers platform. Facebook provides a decent and well documented package for Unity. The tutorials are quite…

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