New Mixely Apple Watch App Connecting Divorced People

Today we’re excited to announce something a little crazy but very exciting. We’ve been working closely with Apple, and we’re proud to be one of the first companies to make an app specifically for the Apple Watch.

We knew that in order to stand out on a revolutionary device, we needed a revolutionary product shift. Our Apple Watch app is designed to connect people that have recently gone through a divorce in a way that we’ve never seen before.

First some stats. According to McKinley Irvin, close to 2,500,000 people were divorced last year in the US alone. In fact, more than 6,500 people got divorced just yesterday. Thanks Orlando Bloom and Khloe Kardashian for the statistics! Obviously the market is huge.

We also realized that divorced people are going through a transitionary state when they’re not ready to start dating, and they’re not in the mood to restore old friendships. That only degrades their emotional state.

Originally, we designed Mixely to connect people in the startup community, but it seemed like we could be solving an even bigger, real problem. And with this shift, we finally are.

We’ve seen all kinds of matching algorithms and technologies that claimed to connect you with your soulmates or best friends. Did any of them work? Maybe. Who knows? Human personality is too complicated to find a perfect match based on the imperfect information we put online. That’s why we decided to launch our new app on the Apple Watch because of its health analytics data and new way of interacting with others.

A demo will be shared soon, but a feature we’re most excited about is connecting with divorced people based on their heartbeat. (Aaawwwww)

Request an invite here to see how it works. The first 50 requests will also get a free Apple Watch.


Not really ☺

We’re actually not going to do that (sorry, no free Apple Watch either).

We just wanted to make a point.

Didn’t it seem like a great idea for a second? Ridiculous, but kinda made sense? We think it’s totally absurd too, but when you throw in some impressive stats, and use some super cool platform or feature, you can convince many people that you’re building something that the world really needs and something that people really want. Why? Because if no one has tried it or perfected it yet, it’s easy to b/s people.

At Mixely, we’re actually connecting normal people with other normal people. We’re focused on the startup community, and plan to grow from there. It’s not some interest or skill matching app though. We offer something more proactive than just listing things you like and cross-referencing them with other people that are within a close distance from you.

Mixely is invite only, so request yours today to get access by tomorrow.

Keep good company,

The Mixely Team

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