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In a typical app user interface(UI), fonts play a key role in providing a sense of what the app is trying to convey. It is, after all, the key identity of the app and how the app directly expresses a message to its users. It can invoke a sense of playfulness, it can also invoke a sense of roughness, and even a sense of serious and meticulousness.

Most UI designers spent countless hours in just font selection alone to find a font that perfectly encapsulates the environment and mood with which it needs to invoke.

With that in mind, seeing the importance of fonts in an app, it is possible to add a customised font into your Ionic application and I am going to show you in this article how this is achieved. …

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Nissan was once a giant in the Japanese automotive industry. It fell into a slump in the 1990’s and then it had recovered earlier this millennium followed by over a decade worth of period of success. The giant was back from its slump.

But it is now in another one of its downward spirals…

At the time of writing this piece, Nissan is expected to file a net loss of up to USD$6 billion for the fiscal year of 2020. …

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I am sure that you have come across a situation where a user presses a button in your web app and you want the app to scroll to a particular section in your app. The animation looks great, but how do you achieve this effect?

Since Ionic Angular was built with HTML and TypeScript, this effect can be achieved by borrowing a similar concept from HTML and regular JavaScript.

For this particular project, I will be building the Ionic application using the following versions: Ionic CLI version 6.11.8, Ionic version 5.

Set your target on a page with ID. In this example, I am setting the target to an <ion-item> with the ID #theTarget on line 25 in home.page.html. In addition to this, I have also added a button on line 12 which we will use later. …


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