Why do we do it?

It seems like very few people understand how the gym can become a habit. They question why we spend an hour, two hours, even three hours somewhere that isn’t home or work. Working out is more than just losing weight or trying to improve yourself. It’s a culture, lifestyle, and hobby.

The gym gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with some of the most positive people on the planet. Everyone there is reaching for a common goal. To improve. To look better. To lift more. To simply be healthier than they were last week. It’s a community that grows together.

The gym is a challenge. You will be pushed harder than maybe ever. You will be broken to your core and built back up. You know what it feels like to sweat, to fail, to PR. The only person you are competing against is yourself everyday. All you can do is challenge that.

If you find yourself asking someone, “why do you work out?” or “didn’t you go to the gym yesterday?” Try going with them. See how you feel. You may be surprised.