1.1)Three Screen App Idea for Hasura Internship

My journey with Hasura started with the completion of IMAD course.The IMAD course was a nice experience and a very useful course in learning the basics of how Internet technology works.I was very happy when I received the internship offer letter from Hasura. I decided to join the May-June batch of internship.

So,the first step in the internship to submit an app idea.The app idea has to be such that it contains minimum features and can be built in only 3 screens.The idea that i have selected is a ‘House Rental WebApp’. I selected this idea because I wanted to learn how to actually build and deploy a website.

There will be 3 screens which are :

  • User Entry Screen: In this screen a property owner can enter the details regarding his property to post an Add.
  • Search form: In this screen a tenant can enter details regarding his address and the type of property he is seeking.
  • View Screen: In this screen a tenant can see the details of his selected property.