1.2)App Prototype

Wireframe or Prototype is basically the visual guide of our WebApp. It represents the page layout or the graphical contents of the WebApp, including user interface,navigational system and the interactions in our WebApp.It can be made using simple pen and paper or by the use of software such as Mockplus and prototyping websites such as proto.io,etc.

Prototyping is the process of creating the prototypes of our WebApp. This eases the process of developing a WebApp because by creating prototypes we can finalise how our WebApp is going to look and what type of interactions are going to be present in our WebApp.

So, my WebApp will have 3 Screens which are:

  • User Entry Screen: In this screen a property owner can enter the details regarding his property to post an Add.To access this screen the user must login with his access credentials or if he is a new user then he has to first register.
  • Search form: In this screen a tenant can enter details regarding his address and the type of property he is seeking. The details such as the area in which he is seeking a house,the type of house and the price range of his rent.
  • View Screen: In this screen a tenant can see the details of his selected property.
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