More features, adding to the already great dev experience!

tl;dr; If you already know what Quasar is all about and you understand what the App CLI is, please drop down to the “What’s New?!” section below.

Right now, some of you might be going, “Hey…wait a second! Quasar was just released as 1.1.0!”. If you are thinking this, then you are absolutely right!

Let’s explain. Quasar has two main realms of functionality as a framework:

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Quasar is more than just a component library. Much more!

The Quasar CLI — a vast and powerful dev and a build environment for cross-device application development and distribution.

The Quasar UI — This is what we call the huge high-quality component library within Quasar. …


Razvan Stoenescu

Creator of Quasar Framework

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