I’m a thinker. While some people are amazing at doing I’m good at thinking and planning. I try to make my mark on the world by figuring out stuff that most other people don’t or figure out later or slower. I suppose that’s more of a pitch than an ‘about’’ section.

OK, here it is then. I’m a young dude with a humble background building a career in business. I’m curious so I like the new, I like to work out the complex and complicated and make it simple so others can apply it. I like games so I designed my professional life to be a game, with quests and upgrades :) The goal is to reach a certain level of financial success while preparing for the moment when I go into pro bono work for the world’s more important issues. I’m thinking start small, in my community and if there’s time go global. My ultimate goal is to empower as many people as I can.