Never do it for the money!

I know how it sounds and I know it doesn’t sound like good business but I like to dig deeper than the obvious. I will go into explaining why money should never be the only reason in business, or at least not the main one.

You build something and it evolves, if you are lucky you get to be in the 4% that make it. Make money because that is the way you are going to keep growing, but never let it be the reason you are doing it for.

I’m talking here about money, not profit, it’s not an economical term, it’s the social one. I’m talking about money as a selfish interest, I’m talking about YOUR money. It can never be the driver of a business, it can’t replace a fulfilling motivator like accomplishing something. Money are just part of the equation but not the foundation on which you build on.

What money is and shouldn’t be:

Money are a confirmation of value.

That is superficial, the worse is not that people see it this way, but that you feel like it’s also true about yourself. This is the first thing money shouldn’t be: a way to measure your self worth. If money is a criteria you will be forever revolving around bigger and bigger numbers. So no, money is not a confirmation of value.

Money will be enough.

To motivate you, to get you forward, to make you grow. Nine out of ten businesses fail, you can’t tell me it’s always about the money. Most of the time is bad business management, a thing that is so dependable on other values than money. So no, money is never enough, maybe it will get you further than other aspects of business, but it won’t get you to the finish line, I don’t care how much money you’ve got.

Money is a business goal

Everybody wants to make money but in a world that is more and more focused on value how much of that can you deliver if money are your goal? How can you build a relationship with the customer that is long lasting and strong if everything you want to do is make him pay? These questions are simple and, whatever business you are in, you should ask yourself this first. No healthy relationship can be based on a need like this, relationships are communication based and if you start from money you empower the client or yourself, but never get balance, and it’s all about balance.

What money isn’t and should be:

A mean to get your business forward.

Just like great products, amazing services and big smiles at the front desk. Money will never define you as a person, can never replace missing pieces, at least not for long. It should always be about a common goal you share with employees or clients, about the value you provided.

A business criteria.

Yes, money is important, vital even, but only as a compliment for value. You should always follow money in business, but as a criteria for following your goals and for keeping the business going.

A traded good.

Ok, I know how that sounds but hear me for a second. It’s like the old saying: to make money you have to spend money, buy value so that you can provide value. Buy specialised services for your business even if that means losing profit because it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The conclusion is simple: don’t make money your goal because they will haunt you. Most dangerous aspect is losing focus and not evaluating things the right way anymore. You can waste amazing opportunities by having money as a purpose because the most extraordinary things come from doing something for free. If money is your goal you will never be able to do things that don’t follow profit, not with an open heart.

And there is one more thing, personally money will tear you open and make you bleed. They will alienate everyone and make you suffer. It will paint an amazing canvas but it will never have depth or meaning, it will just give you things, and life is measured in years..