3 improvements for the Booking.com site

Three actionable, measurable and small improvements and the reasoning behind them.

1. Hotel page

Link https://www.booking.com/hotel/nl/lowell.html

Context: A customer found an interesting hotel while researching a destination. She opens the hotel page to learn more. She finds a lot of photos, hotel details, benefits, and encouragement to book right away. But she doesn’t find the price in the first 1600px scrolling from the top.


Problem: 1600px from the top without showing the price.

Hypothesis: Adding the best price above the CTA button will increase clicks and decrease drop-offs.


Property Highlights card + treatment

Metrics: Clicks + Conversion Rate

Later update: The price should be labeled as "Starting from .." and personalized to the search information provided by the customer.


2. Favourite hotels list

Link https://www.booking.com/city/nl/amsterdam.html

Context: A customer searched on Google for hotels in Amsterdam. She lands on Booking’s destination page and starts scrolling. She’s not ready to start the search and scrolls to the bottom. She sees the Hotels That Guests Love in Amsterdam list placed right above the footer.


We have 3 possibilities:
a) a review gets her attention → she wants to learn more
b) she scrolls back to top
c) she closes the tab → bounce rate

Problem: The only clickable area (hotel name) is so easy-to-miss.

Hypothesis: Adding a CTA under the review will make it more actionable, increase clicks and decrease bounce rate.


Favourite Hotels card + treatment

Metrics: Clicks + Conversion Rate


3. Add payment — card

Step 3 Confirm your reservation

Context: A customer found the perfect room and she’s completing the booking process. She’s in a hurry because Booking.com said that there’s only 1 room left at that price, her room. She took the extra-time for reading the Cancelation Policy and she wants to add her card as quickly as possible.

Help customers book faster.

Add credit card form

Problem: Not selecting a Card Type will trigger a form error that interrupts the customer from completing the booking.

Hypothesis: Auto-detecting the Card Type from the Card Number will reduce friction, error rate and increase completion time.

Treatment: https://creditcardjs.com/credit-card-type-detection

Metrics: Form Error Rate + Completion Time + Abandonment Rate

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