Lust. Desire. Love

I’m a butterfly, he repeatedly whispered

You can’t catch me

In an attempt to temporarily comfort the forthcoming ache I’d feel, he both insulted our relationship and crushed the trace of hope I so audaciously created.

A sudden and unexpected connection — profound in its significance (to me) was the perfect remedy to unforeseen discomforts (for him).

Eyes and ears became temporarily blind to facts.

Hearts opened like delicate petals towards the early morning sun.

New experiences sat like drops of dew.

Seasoned eyes saw the city from a fresh perspective.

I see romance

The compassionate touch of fingers intertwined, holding onto life, transmitting the warmth of the moment.

Concerned fingers digging into a shoulder.

Does that feel better?

Lips caressing necks and hands running through hair.

Lazy bodies lying in a sun-soaked bed.

A lifetime of experience discussed in detail made two weeks feel like two months.

What had happened before and what was expected to come — reflected on, analysed, pontificated over.

Predisposed notions were playfully challenged as two diverse minds from two very different lives gently attempted to mold, tease and challenge.

Both inexplicably altered

I want to continuously grow with you … but you snatched the possibility of that away. Is this not the cruelty of lust?

This feeling is so delicious that I’ll spend my life searching for it … to hold on until it melts into my heart. Is this not the beauty of desire?

In a few intense moments, you’ve forever changed me. Is this not the tragedy of love?

Absence provides perspective

Personal experience can be such an unreliable witness.

Excess analysis fed the desperate desire to conclude.

Varying viewpoints painted a complete picture.

Hindsight no longer tinted in rose.

Time heals all