The Moral Bankruptcy of the Animal Rights Movement
Dr. Isis

So the author is saying the “animals rights movement” is one organisation in one country and even then just a small portion of that organisation in terms of what they have done. Even if I agree with the author in all the cases mentioned — and I pretty much do — it by no means has me reaching the wild conclusion of the article. But rather than being just an ill founded, unsupported conclusion it is more so — it appears — just a promotional line to justify the authors’ approval for killing animals for human research.
 Nothing more morally bankrupt than that, especially given the world wide trend away from this practice as it is finally admitted that the success rate of things working in humans that worked with the animals is infinitesimal. The animals are tortured and killed for nothing. The author ignores the number of scientists and organisations turning away from animal testing and promoting new methods that make the need to abuse animals redundant.

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