“Eu acredito em você” | “I believe in you” was the common theme in an inspiring talk I watched on my flight back from Brazil. Robinson Shiba’s(video is in Portuguese) journey through the formation of one of Brazil’s most successful franchises, China in the Box, is a tremendous feat that stemmed from his father’s encouragements.

Realizing that not many of my friends and family members emphasize “Eu acredito em você” to each other enough, I wanted to write this to inspire others. Let us not be afraid to say these words with vigor and love:

“Eu acredito em você.” I believe in you”

We all have doubts about our capabilities, projects, relationships, promotions, and a thousand other things. Having someone be there for when you’re most doubtful can be the difference between success and giving up. More importantly, as a human with doubts and anxieties, the comfort and feeling that one gets from such simple words can be transformative.

To my mother, father, sisters, and family: “Eu acredito em você.”

To my close friends: “Eu acredito em você.”

To anyone out there with doubts, acknowledge them but ultimately believe that you will figure it out. Know that “Eu acredito em você.”

I’ve been very fortunate to have people invest their time in me. They’ve made me believe that I could do anything. Let’s do this within our community, family, and friends.

Love more, believe more, and do more.