Am I too quick to love?

I ask myself quite often if I fall in love too easily. “I love you” has come so easily and plainly in my relationships. Am I just easy or is it too soon to say the three life changing words? In the movies and TV shows that I watch they make “I love you” seem like a huge and big step in their relationship. This is why I ask myself if I am too quick to love. I’ve seen a lot of my friends say “I love yous” to their boos and then a few weeks later breakup and they are fine. If you really love someone aren’t you supposed to be heartbroken? When I say “I love you” back to my boyfriend who says it first, I really don’t think, it’s an impulsive action. We’ve only been dating for about 3 weeks but I feel so close, I just don’t know how to tell him that without saying “I love you.” All my friends say it’s ridiculous that you can love someone that you haven’t even really known for more than a month. I guess I don’t really give much thought to the word “love” or “I love you.” But I like to think I do. Love is a feeling that you feel when you can’t express the feelings you are feeling for that special someone. Is there a right time to say “I love you”?

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