Who We Really Are

If we walk and tried to see how the world really is, it’s currently depends on is it we concious of what we do and what we been through all the time. The mind is always on it’s way to process on all the things we wanted to do and what we tried to avoid to do. Sometimes when i start do something it start from compulsive and impulsive from what world wanted from us as human beings with many skills we got from our experience. Together as a living creature we created our own sustaining environment that will provide us with everything we needed from food to music. and we working for it together as whole community on this planet earth.

We are something, with it’s own flaws and need. We do what we need to do in order to survive. Sometimes it’s hard when there is nothing to do besides do something we like and enjoy. Defining ourself as something we do is important to describe our way of life to manage how we do that different from other people.

There is something that we like that someone didn’t and everything is going rogue because we have clash in order to get what we into. There is so many thing we did until to the point when someone asks “What you do for a living?” or while we get interviewed “Please describe yourselves.” These question leading into our own existensial of what part that we do in this world. What we really working on. What things we get really into it, it’s something that not hard to do but tricky question in a way we said “i don’t know who i really are.” “i don’t know who i am.”

Someone said they are a singer, an artist, an athlete, a teacher, a researcher and everything in order to say what we do for a living and things we enjoy to do. Throughout our lifetime there is so many factors and dynamics of how economic and political system playing their part in order to makes ourself who we are today. It’s not a magical mechanism and not a mysterious kind of thing like myth.

Sometimes we find ourselves in what we like. there is so many choices world give to us while we were a kid till grows to be a full grown well functioning human beings. we tried something we fail, we do something, then we are not enjoying it, we got into something unexpected, then surprisingly we do it till our last breath. What we really are often found in the weird condition or even hard and tough situation. And it will become our part of life in which we didn’t even thing about becoming ‘that or this’ person, but we becoming a person we never thought we will be. Just let everything be and enjoy things in front of us, the rest is a mystery we will discover and what we become.