“Data Science for 99%”

We are starting this initiative. More updates on our facebook page.

What is this initiative?

Our idea really for the introductory course on Data Science called “Data Science for the 99%” is to introduce and familiarize changemakers, activists, public servants, journalists, campaigners, other groups and individuals working for social change (for the 99%, the People) on current tools data scientists use to generate insights for their usual corporate work. (sikat ang salita sa corporate word na, “data-driven”).

Our Main Goal

We hope that the course can either enhance, simplify or strengthen their work in exposing social issues affecting the masses.

So, are you still in? Hmmm… We’ll make sure the same popular tools, and techniques used by those claiming to have “the sexiest job of this decade” are the main part of this course.

Btw, if you want a full blown Data Science or Analytics course for Profit (thinking of shifting careers or as part of your business) — they are everywhere on the internet. You can also search for Filipino Data Scientists on LinkedIn or google and pay them to train your team.

Our Tools

A warning: We will not be using SPSS/SAS. Python will be the main tool for data preparation and analytics. I’ll occasionally use R for visualization but prefers Tableau Public — which allows us to publish outputs to their cloud servers. It is free and easy to use.

For obvious reasons, whenever it is more appropriate and simpler to use Microsoft’s Excel or LibreOffice Calc (which is most of the time, hehe) — we’ll use that also. But the main goal is to get us familiar with Python, Jupyter Notebook and Tableau Public.

Course Duration

While we are thinking of a 4-Saturday course — it is just for managing priorities and to keep the ball running already.

So, any suggestions on priority topics?

We will have a separate Data Literacy and Appreciation workshops for those beginners. Our target for this course are those who are at least not afraid to use the spreadsheet. If you know pivot tables, ikaw na!

Okidoks. We need a logo. Hmmm… Send us your artwork. #datascience99

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