How To Write Hypnotic Sales Copy

You know they say all communication is persuasion, and all persuasion is communication. And since you work in sales and marketing (because we all work in sales and marketing), then you can imagine how important your advertising can be. Advertising professionals generally will be able to help you with projects both big and small. Many respectable people agree that utilizing experts to help you in your time of need is advisable.

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As a Freelance Ad Writer (Copy Writer), I now assist you in your time of need by creatively helping you in your marketing campaign, by working with you to create awesome direct mail pieces, terrific taglines, wonderful web page content, superb online ads, exquisite e-mails, powerful press releases, crafty white papers, sleek catalogs, majestic billboards, hypnotic brochures, sly postcards, seductive sales letters, magnificent blog posts, tantalizing tweets and alluring social media content.

I will now personally help you meet your challenges and goals, and achieve a new level of excellence to create for you outstanding marketing and business outcomes. Imagine the exciting difference using a Freelance Ad Writer (Copy Writer) like me, RICHARD BAKER, will gain you by giving the advantage in our modern highly competitive business world. Don’t you think it’s time you got yourself that extra edge? If so, then find out today how I can help you go from good to great and keep you there.

Helping you strive higher and higher, I am Professional Copywriter Richard Baker, and I promise I can get you more bang for your buck. As a Professional Copywriter, I have for over 15 years successfully assisted highly motivated people like you to achieve maximum professional success. I personally use an extensive knowledge of psychology, business and economics that I acquired over the past few decades to effectively champion respectable business people like you to a new level, by significantly boosting your marketing campaigns from the bottom up.

As a Freelance Ad Writer (Copy Writer), I have for over 15 years successfully motivated people just like you to achieve maximum success. My Ad Writing and Copy Writing Services are both affordable and effective, and can be tailored specifically toward helping you with your current challenge.

Because Online Ad Writing and Copy Writing can be discussed over the telephone or through online video (such as Skype or Google Hangouts), it doesn’t matter where you live or work. In fact, I have clients not only in Indianapolis, but also in Houston, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta and Boise.

Just as you commit to a weekly schedule, I commit to getting to know you and giving you personal attention for your specific situation. Since, our business relationship is a supportive partnership, I am here to support and encourage you to create a plan and remove roadblocks in order to move forward in your business. Together, we help you move successfully towards your goals.

Let’s talk. I offer a free Telephone (or Skype/Google Hangouts) conversation to determine which of my business-building programs is right for you and your unique business situation.

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