Economic Inequality

I have had an ongoing discussion with another Medium user that believes the few social issues Hillary supports, at least this week, are significant to justify electing her regardless of the other issues where we disagree. He said:

“Tell that to the 47 million people who are now depending on the ACA for health care. Clinton will maintain the system (even though we both want universal health care), while the Republican presidents will allow Congress to repeal it. Same thing goes for a woman’s right to choose, funding Planned Parenthood, same sex marriage, and a host of other issues that mean the world to those groups of people.”

The one issue we didn’t discuss is the most important by far. Nothing, absolutely nothing gets done without first getting money out of politics. The idea that Hillary will work towards this goal is ludicrous. She is the poster child for money in politics. The Democratic Party just changed their rules so she could get more money from the plutocracy.

The amount of money now available to those with their hands out is obscene. No vote, no discussion of the issues has not been corrupted by this money. With the pretty safe assumption that Hillary will do nothing to resolve this issue the question becomes one of the best route to achieve the necessary political revolution. Many of us are ready to elect a Republican over Hillary in order to hasten that revolution.

The piecemeal approach to human rights followed by the “New Democrats” is counter productive to the primary objective. Once the plutocracy has gotten in to such a position of power that they control the democratic process revolution is the only alternative. A peaceful revolution is preferred but, if impossible, is not the only alternative.

The Magna Carta and the Constitution were the result of armed revolt. Both were major leaps in the definition of what constituted human rights. We are in an era where the redefinition of those rights has become necessary. The right to affordable healthcare determines a persons ability to access preventative care. This is now accepted as the premier requirement for a healthy life. The right to a level of economic equality directly affects the ability to enjoy those rights defined in the Declaration of Independence and affirmed in the Constitution.

If we can accept this premise that human rights have evolved to the point that they now include healthcare and an end to economic enslavement what is necessary to achieve these rights. The first step must be to eliminate the influence of money on our democracy. I believe the most likely way to achieve this objective is the election of Bernie Sanders. This is becoming unlikely based on the results of the first three primaries.

The lack of turnout in these primaries is the evidence of our inability to convey the message and the ability of our opponents to counter our position with “they will raise your taxes.” Is it too late to correct the situation?

The attraction of universal healthcare should be obvious to all of those who struggle paying for their health insurance. This would include more than 50% of the voting public. Two questions have not been successfully answered by the Sanders campaign. Can it work? What will it cost us? Both of these answers are so obvious that you have to wonder why we can’t convince the public. We know it can work because it is working in most of the industrialized world. The cost will be a very small amount compared to what everyone is paying now.

Why isn’t this obvious to all Americans? The only objections I have heard is that they will raise your taxes and you may not get every service you want unless you need it. We know that any tax increase would result in saving thousands every year and under the current insurance structure you can also be denied services. Can anyone explain this to me?

Several Republicans, most notably Mr. Trump, and several Democrats, most loudly and inappropriately Chris Matthews have misrepresented the truth on these issues. Trump has repeatedly said your taxes will go up 90% and Matthews has many times said 60%. Both should be publicly flogged on the National Mall. Of course, if we flogged all of the candidates that have lied there would be no one left to run except maybe Bernie Sanders. I don’t know of any outright lies he has been caught in though there have been a few exaggerated statistics.

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