you’re the one being intellectually dishonest by pretending any progressive policies had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting passed in an actual constitutional republic with actual separation of powers, actual checks and balances, and an actual opposition party vehemently opposed to anything and everything — even so-called “centrist” incremental changes
No, you’re the one being intellectually dishonest by pretending any progressive policies had a…
Antone Johnson

I think you have missed the point of the idea of revolution. Incremental progressive changes coincide with incremental regressive changes. While those limited advances you praise were made we also slid into a state of constant war, kill our enemies and thousands of innocent civilians with video controllers, have lost ground throughout the country on reproductive rights and now consider corporate lackeys as democrats.

Incremental change favors the powerful. Throughout history it has taken major revolutions to accomplish real change. It took thousands of years of progressive thought to produce the idea of individual rights but it took revolution to establish those rights in the Magna Carta. Over the next five hundred years progressive thought continued but it took revolution to establish the Constitution. It could also be said that it took revolution to create the labor movement. It was those same Puritopians you condemn that refused to continue the business as usual policies of their masters accepting minor changes in progressive policies while massive changes in corruption and economic inequality continued.

There is a quote from a movie that describes your philosophy perfectly. “On the top of chicken shit is a pretty little white peak. That peak is still chicken shit.”

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