Kissing Off the Melancholy of the Left
Holly Wood, PhD

I understand your angst and your desire to keep fighting the good fight but I have come to the conclusion that we are fighting the wrong fight. The two party system has proven itself to be beyond redemption. We must establish a third party. With the choice of Trump or Clinton we no longer can defend the “lessor of two evils” position. We must begin to establish the legitimacy of a third party.

The most likely Candidate that represents the liberal beliefs of, I believe, the majority of Americans is the Green Party. Since less than 50% of Americans are actually Republicans or Democrats we need to present an alternative. Roughly 35% of Americans are not registered to vote. Of those registered I estimate 40% would, if given a choice, not vote for either Trump or Clinton.

1. Obama has proven and Clinton has repeatedly stated we must accept incremental progress while trading away our rights.

2. Both parties have endorsed continual war as the only solution to the world’s problems.

3. Both parties have, in reality, supported runaway capitalism as the preferred economic practice. Rather than bailout those that lost their homes in the mortgage crisis to support the economy they chose to bailout the companies that created the crisis.

4. Virtually every modern nation can provide their citizens with universal healthcare, paid family leave and a living wage except the US.

5. Neither of the presumptive candidates will do anything about the corrupting influence of money in the political system. Nothing else will be accomplished until this problem is solved.

6. The effects of climate change will be suffered by the poorest of the world first. It is in the best interest of those in power to let that suffering eliminate a large portion of the world’s population. All of our current policy is geared towards allowing and even encouraging the death of half of the humans currently populating our planet. There are those that have concluded this is the simplest solution.

There is a document ( that I am reading that posits the life span of any civilization is 250 years. The presumption is that all ruling nations eventually fall under the weight of their own corruption. It appears we have reached that point. No greater proof should be required than the current pay for government system which is accepted as the norm. Reformation of the Republican and Democratic Parties is beyond hope. The most logical solution is violent revolution which would destroy all hope of resolving those critical issues confronting us such as climate change. This is the goal of the oligarchy that rules the world. The only hope for rational change is to abandon the existing political structure.