Tips to win a Hackathon

Hackathons are the events that focus on engineering and innovation.It’s a great opportunity for college students to showcase their skill set . Based on my experience I put together some of the tips to win a hackathon

Hackathon organized by gdgvit

1) Kickass team

The right ingredients make food tasty; likewise having a great team gives you an advantage and is crucial to winning and enjoying a hackathon. It is suggested to have 3 or less members. Having more than 3 members makes a team clumsy and unaccountable. Your team should fulfil the basic roles.

  • Frontend guy who gives birth to mockups
  • Backend Ninja who can speak with HTTP
  • A Manager who understands the working of the product and keeps the development going.

2) Brainstorm before you go

Understand the problem statement and brainstorm before you go to the hackathon . Have a crystal clear idea on what you going to build because you won’t be having time build on an idea without any prior planning.

3) Time is precious waste it wisely

Try to set up your programming environment beforehand like download all of your dependency for the application and also carry required wireframe of your application along with you.stick to the core functionality of your idea don’t waste your time by implementing features like an authentication system as the evaluators do not care about whether you have a multifactor authentication.

4) Interact as you can

Here is where the role of your manager comes. Try to express your idea to the organizer before the pitching session because the pitching time will be hardly around five to eight minutes, so you can’t showcase the full product. Pitching of the idea depends on the person if he/she is tech person explain him/her what tech stack is being used. If he/she is a business person explain him/her the value proposition of your product.

5) unleash your beast

This is the time where your idea goes live so pitch your idea what you actually have in your mind.Everyone wants to see the working of your product, so don’t waste too much of your time by showing slides. All the best for your hackathon journey

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