Kuucall is an app that is already developed and has problems of functionality. It has been developed by a UX’er previously and the client just wants a 2nd opinion. “A better version of the new wireframe that have yet to be developed.”

— Easy for non-tech person to setup and use

— Whitelabel

— Scalable

— Streamline the number of pages

— Mobile app


Basically it is an app that reroutes calls to your designated phone number. The number dialed by the customer is tracked by the app and is linked to a specific business or campaign (ie on a billboard, online, telephone book). This allows a greater control of campaigns whether to improve or decrease campaigns.

Our Team

Javed – The strageist

Hannah – Team Leader

Greg – Graphics/ Design Lead

Richard – Researcher/ Flows

FYI all research is incorporated into the case study.. No stand alone research.

Our approach

Trying to scope everything was a pain in the ass. We had three weeks and KuuCall app pages was 150 pages, some redundant others just non linear which was frustrating. So we pushed to do the KuuCall sign up/info page

Then we got kinda an assessment that our project sucked and we suck for such a small scope. We thought it was the best for the users we had. So our new scope..

New Site map

New on boarding

New iconography and colour pattern

New cyclic user journeys

New persona

The Users

We didn’t have users so we guessed from the features list of what it could do and generated a hypothetical persona that way.

Modelling on general users frustrations we formed a journey map..

From here we figured out everything else out.

New site map

Everything was poorly placed in the old AI also the site map. It didn’t make sense why there had to be so many clicks to get from one area to the next. We then focused on reducing clicks and giving users to ability to switch profiles within a menu. Soo the new site looks like this..

New on boarding

The on boarding process was kinda confusing and misunderstood through testing, but straightforward when we put Kuucalls message in our own words. Soo we changed the on boarding process when looking at the user journey painpoints. Also the on boarding didn’t incorporate the set up of the main functionality of the web app so it cause a lot of frustration.. So we improved both on the users path.

New Landing Page

Also we found that the data on the page wasn’t well laid out and cause frustrations find all the different information so we made a centralised page for most of the data.

Email Template

To create a cycle for the user we thought of Fitbit weekly updates on well being. How about marketing updates for campaign wellbeing so we produced a weekly email for the user to be notified on stats of their choosing.

How was testing done on old prototype?

We went with three scenarios asking whether they understood the information on the main webpage?

Do you know what Kuucall is?

Can you create a phone line?

What is your opinion on the data presented?

Tested 4 general users, 2 digital marketers, and 1 programmer


Future considerations

There were a lot of general features that is good for many different personas. The primary persona could be the small business owner, second the marketer, telemarketer.

Features for business owner – general marketing function, seo, call tracking, call routing, call recording.

Marketer – multiple accounts, seo, call tracking, call routing, call recording.

Telemarketor – multiple accounts, call recording, quality assurance, call address, localised numbers, seo

So looking at all these features and give the right resources we could figure out the appeal to certain personas and which are the majority in KuuCalls market then build the product from there.

Team work

Over all it was pretty chill.. I think the only thing that kept us together was Hannah K’s mediation skills and project management. At some points it was too chill and kinda sketchy two weeks into the project.

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