W6 Interstellar

Interstellar is hands down one of the greatest space movie ever made. The story is incredible, the acting is incredible, and the plot is incredible. However, the movie gets this all from Christopher Nolan, the director. Christopher Nolan is easily the greatest director of our time. Every movie he directs he pretends as if it is his last film and gives it his all exactly, clearly show through the Dark Knights Trilogy, which I must say are fantastic movies. Mr. Nolan’s film covers so many different issues other than Space and as you watch the film, you are constantly bouncing around in your own thoughts seeing where you stand on issues or topics in the film.

In Interstellar, Christopher Nolan thinks that love conquers and or divides any rational thought that may be present. In one passage Anne Hathaway shows this when she tells Matthew McConaughey that they should avoid Mr. Mann’s planet, who is played by Matt Damon, and procced to another suitable planet that is further away. If watching this movie for the first time you will realize that in the beginning of the film one of the robots gave away that Mrs. Hathaway was in love with one of the astronauts and that astronaut is in the plant that Matthew McConaughey does not think is worth visiting. Mrs. Hathaway was willing to sacrifice the more logical solution to go save her lover and be with him. Nolan then portrays the view of a father and daughter bond by utilizing McConaughey and his daughter, who is played by Mackenzie Foy. Throughout the scenes on earth, Foy begs her father to stay and unfortunately, her pleading did not work. Eventually love is what brings McConaughey to almost jeopardizing the mission by only going to visit one planet and using the rest of the fuel to return to his very aged family. It is truly hard to describe the mood set by Nolan. However when seeing the film he shows the true bond of love and family that it almost brings you to tears and makes you think of what you would do for the love of your family. These two passages really reflect a major emotion of our society, which is love. Love is such a strong emotion it drives people to do such radical things, which can be seen by Mrs. Hathaway

Mr. Nolan then touches upon the very slippery slope, which is our humanity. Where do we draw the line in ourselves to either save ourselves or save the rest of society? Nolan really makes this a very debatable topic in his movie and I believe we as a society should ask ourselves where we stand. The first passage from the movie that covers this is when McConaughey find the secret NASA lab and is then asked by Professor Brand to pilot the ship that may save humanity but going on this trip is very dangerous. McConaughey is caught in between a rock and a hard place and realizes if he decides not to help, humanity will die of starvation or he can help and maybe be able to find a planet they can colonize and live on. Knowing this might be the last time he will see his family he decides to know the risks. Nolan realized that having his audience question their humanity would be a great way to pull them in. I love the way Nolan made the decisions so difficult for the characters and how every choice they made the audience would question it. The next passage that demonstrates our humanity is when Hathaway and McConaughey fly to a possible “habitable” planet. On arrival, they find a camp set up by Dr. Mann, Matt Damon, and wake him from his chryptosleep. Upon his wakening, he greets McConaughey, Hathaway and David Gyasi, who plays Romilly with tears and hugs. After a few minutes, the astronauts ask if the data he was reporting was accurate and if the planet was habitable. With no delay, he said yes and then proceeded to take McConaughey to area where they could start a colony. As McConaughey looked over the ledge, Matt Damon breaks McConaughey visor and pushes him down the hill. As McConaughey is suffocating, Matt Damon admits to faking the data and only putting it up so they would rescue him and take him back to the dying earth. Damon goes on to say that he needs to take the ship back to earth and forget about the mission because there is no hope. In this passage Nolan shows the selfish side of humanity and how that some are willing to give it all away just to live another day. Nolan really depicts the struggle of wanting to live anther day, even if means the lives of millions like in the movie. What I love about this movie is that the choices the characters have to make reflect us in today’s society. We always mention global warming and pollution and this movie kind of hints at the fact that we did not do anything and that is why the earth is the way it is. So I feel even though this movie is in the future that Nolan made it seem like the choices these characters are making are something we all need to make in the near future.

Finally, what makes this movie so different from the others is how it depicts space and time. Nolan is known for his extensive research throughout his films and making them as real as possible without ruining the overall feel of the movie. Through the movie, the way Nolan depicts the time and relativity is so scary but so true. As a society we are so narrow minded in the idea of time because it has been the same for so long. Yet this movie shows that not every planet is like that and that an hour on another planet can be years back on earth. Time is relative and that truly is a scary thought to think of. When McConaughey and the rest of the astronauts landed on the first possible habitable planet, one hour there was equivalent to seven years back on earth. The thought of that is unreal but that is so plausible. Nolan does a great job explaining but also confusing the audience and really captures the essence of space and time.