Three FIBA/Olympic rules that would make the NBA more entertaining.

Representing your country in international sports is an incredible honor and privilege. To win gold, silver, or bronze for your country in international or Olympic sports is a huge accomplishment. However, when NBA players compete in international ball, they have to adjust to the different rules they play by. This raises a question: why doesn’t the NBA play by at least some of the same rules as other leagues? Make no mistakes-the NBA is the greatest basketball league in the world. But it could take some rules from FIBA or the Olympics to make the game even more enjoyable to watch. Here’s three rules that the NBA could add or change.

1. Set Shot Clock to 14 After Offensive Rebounds

In the NBA, the shot clock is completely reset to 24 seconds every time the ball hits the rim. However, in FIBA basketball, if the offense gets the ball back after a shot hits the rim, they only get 14 seconds to put another shot up. If this translated into the NBA, it would have lots of positive consequences. For starters, there would be shorter possessions during the game, allowing the ball to move more quickly up and down the court, and allowing more time for teams to score points, which is fun for fans to watch. Also, it would create more intense situations in the clutch, and everyone would be even closer to the edges of their seats watching how the end of the game unfolds.

2. Remove the basket interference rule.

It is well known that in the NBA, once that shot goes up, you can’t touch it until it comes off the cylinder. However, this is not the case in Olympic ball. Once that ball touches the rim or backboard, it’s fair game. However, you still can’t go through the hoop, or touch the ball after it reaches the peak of its arc. That being said, this would completely change the landscape of the league. Traditional big men, such as Demarcus Cousins or Deandre Jordan, would become invaluable again as rim protection will be valued greatly due to the rule change. This could also create more possessions in the game, speeding it up and making it more fun to watch.

3. Jump Ball Possesions

This rule is used in the NCAA, FIBA, and the Olympics, but has somehow not translated to the NBA. Instead of a jump ball at center court every time there is a held ball, the possession alternates for every jump ball situation. Basically, if your team won the jump ball at the beginning of the game, the next time there is a jump ball, the other team gets the ball. Then, it alternates back to your team, and so on and so forth. This rule can reward good defense for tying up an offensive player, instead of having unfair mismatches during jump ball situations, such as a point guard vs a center or forward.

There is also a rule in the NBA that needs to be removed immediately, and that is the Hack-A-Shaq rule. It makes the game so boring to watching during the final minutes, which is when it should be most entertaining. Here’s how it should be: if a team intentionally fouls a player who shoots 70% or less from the free throw line, that team is penalized one timeout and the opposite team gets two free throws. (Obviously, this is a joke. But this needs to change right now.)

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