20 Xoogler led-startups presented to over 90 investors at Xoogler Europe Pitch Day II

Rune Bentien
5 min readJun 18, 2018

Friday June 15th saw a packed venue at Google’s UK HQ where more than 90 of Europe’s top investors and 20 Ex-Googler founded startups came together to invest and find investment, respectively.

The Xoogler Pitch Day followed the first European Pitch Day in 2017 when 13 startups pitched. Again this year Europe was widely represented with the startups coming from 11 different countries (AT, CH, DE, FR, IE, IT, NL, PL, SE, TU, UK, (+US)). The founders presented their startups addressing several industries across b2b and b2c, including 3 hardware focused startups.

Ex-Google Guest speakers were Sal Mohammed, founder of Connected Homeless a platform to connect the homeless and founder of Tensorflight.com, Zbigniew Wojna, who shared how his team has engaged with the Xoogler community since they pitched at the event in 2017.

While it’s one of several activities the Ex-Googler community organises across the world, the Pitch Day (called Demo Days in US/Asia), is a highlight of how the community members help each other advance in the startup-eco system. In 2017 alone more than 60 volunteers organised 200 events supporting the community to grow to more than 4000 members globally.

As a part of the preparation for the Pitch Day the startups received feedback by Qasar Younis, a Xoogler and Y Combinator’s former COO. Further, over the last three months several Xooglers and Googlers have helped build up the momentum with activities such as App launch on Google Play by Ekaterina Kalygina (Google Play), Google Cloud Credits by David Roldan (Google Cloud), Pitch Best Practices by Rob Moffat (Balderton Capital), Rob Kniaz (Hoxton Ventures) and Doireann Gillan, Xoogler People Day by Becky Stephens, VC Office Hours w/ Hannah Seal (Index Ventures) and more.

Anastasia Leng, founder of Picasso Labs.

The startups that presented are the following:

Y Translate — Kerry Michael/Damian Winkowski
Y Translate is an AI Powered Translation Platform that combines machine learning with human translators for global translators.

Invitly — Alexander Bregman
Invitly is a geo-targeted networking app enabling professionals to meet for a drink or meal when travelling for business.

Pest Pulse — Tim O’Toole
Pest control is a $20B industry with huge incumbents but it operates like it’s 1987. Pest Pulse is using tech to dramatically improve the value prop to win customers and significantly improve unit economics.

savvy navvy — Jelte Liebrand
savvy navvy — “Google Maps” for sailors — the first ever, fully integrated, easy to use, navigation solution at sea.

Little Sleeper — Berna Akin Eris
Little Sleeper is a mobile application that helps parents get their babies sleep.

Toidio — Becky Stephens
Toidio unlocks company metrics related to company health, culture and growth potential; so employers can articulate their employer brand using data rather than stories.

klikkie — Uri Roos / Jeffrey Dorrestijn
Klikkie prints and delivers your most beautiful photos to your home every month, so you can enjoy your the best moments every day.

Cues — Victoria Thomas / Jacob McPherson
Audience analytics for the film industry with a Tinder-like consumer facing app to build demand for VOD platforms and screenings in local markets.

Blockmetry — Pierre Far
Blockmetry is a web analytics platform that complies with new data protection laws and is unblockable by ad blockers.

Mentalab — Ileana d’Huart/Sebastian Herberger
Mental health is the biggest and most costly disease category. Mentalab offers accessible & personalized mental training through it’s wearable headband and app solution, based on real-time brain wave analysis.

Connected Homeless/QTA — Sal Mohammed
Founder of Connected Homeless a digital platform connecting homeless people to key support and services and QTA, an acceleration consultancy that brings the best talent and technology to start ups. Article here.

BotsAndUs — Andrei Danescu
Consumer robotics and AI startup from London. We revolutionize the way companies engage and interact with their customers — we blend the online and offline to bring the power of interactive robotics to customer service.

Playerhunter — Fabian Rauch
Playerhunter is an innovative networking and scouting platform for the next generation of football stars.

Advanon — Phil Lojacono
Financial platform that bridges long payment terms for SMEs by opening up a new asset class for financial investors.

focaldata — Calvin Dudek
AI driven Google Analytics for consumer opinion to help campaigners, governments and marketers with insights to optimise marketing strategy, targeting and communication. We are bringing consumer analytics into the AI-age.

Picasso Labs — Anastasia Leng
Picasso Labs automates creative decision making by measuring the impact of 100,000+ visual attributes on image and video performance, on any platform globally.

Zzish — Charles Wiles
Zzish enables teachers to personalise their teaching by measuring student progress in real-time in the classroom and recommending the resource or app predicted to help each student improve fastest.

Mindesk — Vittorio Bava
Mindesk is a CAD plug-in that allows to visualize and model 3D objects in Virtual Reality natively (no export required)

SchoolApply — Daniel Bjarne
SchoolApply believes that a great education is for everyone. We help by making school information easily available, accessible, and ultimately matching students with the best education possible.

Tensorflight (Guest speaker) — Zbigniew Wojna, Robert Kozikowski
Tensorflight is a startup working on aerial and satellite computer vision analytics for property insurance.

A BIG Congratulations to all the startups who presented and thank you to all the investors across the angel and VC community who invested three hours the Xoogler community on Friday morning.

Finally, thank you to the amazing Xoogler.co volunteers that made this day possible, including Paul Huynh, Jared Molko, Inga Spitzer, Ismail Jeilani and Googlers Tina Gogna, Steffen Ehrhardt, Alex Vlassopulos, Paul Clark. Also a big thanks to the Crowdfooding.co Team (Alessio D’Antino, Maxime Leveau) and the food startups providing healthy snacks and refreshments!

Startups and Investors meet (Credit: Shaun Waldie)

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