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The 18 Ex-Google founded startups gathered after the Xoogler Pitch Day III June 5th, 2019. Credit: Oana Jinga

On June 5th 2019, 100 early stage investors from EMEA and US met 18 startups from South Korea to South Africa to Europe to US. The starts ups were all founded by Ex-Googlers (Xooglers) and ranged from building an advanced electric aircraft, AI and robotics in retail,the education text book of the future, recruitment in Africa and emerging markets, reducing food wastage, giving users ownership and control of personal information, code-free interaction prototyping, improving SME finance, mindfulness for children, ‘Alexa for business’ and much more in between.

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Jasmine Kent, CTO, Cofounder of Dufour Aerospace

This was the third successive “London Xoogler Pitch Day” organised by Xoogler.co, which also held the first ever Xoogler Demo Day in mainland Europe (Paris) three weeks earlier. Like the previous years, the startups went through pitch preparation with former Y Combinator Partner and COO Qasar Younis.

The Xoogler community is thankful for the support from the global and local investor community as we saw more than 130 investors signing up including Accel, Atomico, Balderton Capitel, Baidu Ventures, Cisco Ventures, ConsenSys, firstminute Capital, Frontline Ventures, GV, Index Ventures, Lakestar, LEGO Ventures, LocalGlobe, SalesForce Ventures, SeedCamp and impact investors such as Nesta Impact Investment.

With a healthy balance of 65% institutional investors and 35% individual investors respectively the Pitch Day supported the bigger objective of Xoogler.co in Europe: To impact and develop the global startup ecosystem, from Europe. This with the ultimate goal of creating a world that works for the entrepreneur allowing them realise their ideas and solve significant and important problems — quicker and better than today.

Steve Crossan, Venture Partner at firstminute Capital and Executive-Residence at Atomico:

“The Xoogler community is a hidden gem in the startup community not only in Europe but also globally, and the pitch day is always high quality. Today was no exception leading to several follow ups. For former Googlers and connected investors, founders and advisors the Xoogler network is a great resource.”

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Lewis Hemens, Cofounder of Dataform.co sharing his journey. Credit: Rune Bentien

Also in attendance were startups who received funding from the 2017 and 2018 round. Ex-Google Engineer Lewis Hemens, co-founder of dataform.co, shared the journey they had been on since he pitched at the Pitch Day in 2017. Since then dataform.co completed Y Combinator and raised a seed round with a top European VC.

Led by Chris Fong, Rune Bentien and Ankit Jain, the Xoogler.co network was originally started by a small group of Ex-Googlers on the back of Google I/O in 2015. In a few short years, the Xoogler.co community has grown to more than 6,000 members, making it the most active Google alumni network. There are more than 2,000 in EMEA of which 10% are founders. By tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience from the many ex-Googlers, this community has helped nurture and support the many startups that have been brought to life from ex-Googlers.

It’s safe to say that the London Xoogler Pitch Day III would not have been possible with out the help from all the Ex-Googler and Googler volunteers who helped make the event a success. Therefore a big thanks to Elloise Clayton, Sarah Jane Porter, Vanessa Stefanak, Marie Mulville, Kinga Kropp, Leo Ng, Jens Garberding, Ayleen Nazario, Oana Jinga, Domenic Donato, Steffen Ehrhardt, Ankit Jain, Qasar Younis, Chris Fong, the Google for Startups Team (Marta Krupinska, Asia Lindsay, Anika Henry, Mirela Yordanova) as well as our food and drinks sponsor Forward Fooding (Alessio D’Antino, Max Leveau).

Finally a big Congratulations(!) to all the entrepreneurs who presented — We look forward following you on your exciting journeys

Subsequent Demo Days are planned in Switzerland, India and the US in the remainder of 2019 (Singapore Xoogler Demo Day took place June 7th).

Please see below for the full list of startups presenting in London on June 5th:

Bad user experiences cost businesses £62 billion every year. While many businesses strive to create better user experiences, they fall short as it remains a struggle to measure and improve UX. Digitbrew empowers businesses to create positive experiences, eliminate negative experiences and anticipate user needs by analysing billions of never-before-seen datapoints.

We aim to fully digitize the way people identify themselves by creating a biometrically secured, verified, portable, digital identity. Our product allows developers, with just a few lines of code, to confidently onboard new users and verify their true identity. Passbase is doing for identity information, what PayPal did for credit card numbers.

Relationship-driven businesses account for a $1.47 trillion dollar market. BedrockX unlocks the true power of your personal network for your business. Our unique tech incentivizes your network to work with you — it tracks actions, measures added value, and automatically rewards them with a part of the value they produced. Creating the meritocratic, distributed workspaces of the future.

Puntr is the Tinder of sports. Swipe to predict results in your favourite sports, from Premier League football to NBA basketball. Puntr guarantees millions of interactions for brands with our growing database of sports fans already on the app.

Growing Mindful Children. To equip nurturers, namely parents and teachers, with an interactive tech solution that empowers mindfulness in children aged between 2 and 11 years old. The objective is to position the solution as a preventative mental health contribution to society, with the aim of helping children learn cognitive management & wellbeing behavioural tools to assist their progression into teenage years and adulthood.

Tellos is on a mission to elevate entry-level recruitment in Africa and across Emerging Markets.We build scalable assessment technology to develop rich job-seeker profiles and leverage machine learning to make entry-level hiring faster and better.

A technology platform which works directly with brands such as J&J, Adidas & Nestlé to produce personalised digital creative & relevant ad targeting, using AI to reduce manual costs. The mission statement ‘Creativity in real time’ emphasises a focus on delivering creative quickly, predictably, and accurately for brands across verticals.

Food Waste is a global issue costing $1T & £840 per home in the UK. Kitche is a free, helpful kitchen app to save consumers that £840 through food waste reduction with 1-click shopping receipt importing, smart recipes for food at home & automated food reminders.

Nomagic provides smart pick & place robots to eliminate tedious manual tasks in warehouses while reducing cost per pick. We build cloud robotics and AI systems to control off the shelf hardware and sell it as a service. First robot sold to French e-commerce leader Cdiscount.

Business Score
Business Score is like a ‘ClearScore for small business’, using Machine learning on Open banking and cloud accounting data to create real-time credit scores for the 6 Million UK small businesses and providing access to a marketplace of business finance.

Mathigon is building the “Textbook of the Future” for secondary mathematics. Our unique, interactive content format allows students to explore and discover, and a virtual personal tutor provides real time support. Mathigon has over 30k monthly active users, was called a “mathematical wonderland” in The Guardian, and won numerous awards.

Overfit Technologies
The market for big data analytics is worth close to $40bn yet there are still no easy, fast or economical ways to query multiple data sets & find even the simple answers you need. Overfit’s virtual data assistant allows you to talk directly to data in natural language. Think “Alexa” for business. Have a conversation with your data to find out not simply what has changed, but to ask why, what next and what if.

We’ve been online for decades, amassing vast online footprints. Today, our data matters more to us than ever before, yet we’ve never been more out of control. We build B2C software to monitor and control your online privacy and personal image.

Every year, 200M people experience a career transition around the world. Most waste an opportunity for reinvention. Alee helps people make their carer transition awesome through intelligent journaling, mentoring by alumni, andaccess to trusted coaches, recruiters, lawyers, and investors. Building a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing is a 300Bn$ industry whose complexity increases exponentially. Large advertisers and agencies manage huge budgets with manual tasks and using Excel. Our own Deep Learning Technology allow us to increase conversion rates and reduce CPAs from digital channels.

Annual cost of mental health related issues is $1Trillion globally, with related services expected to grow x5 by 2026. People struggle to find adequate support when in need and organizations are more and more concerned of the associated costs. Wemby provides online therapy and tailored mental health education for the globalized workforce.

Dufour Aerospace
Dufour are pioneers in electric and hybrid-electric aircraft since 2015. We are building the aEro 3 hybrid tilt-wing VTOL for the medical market, transporting patients at twice the speed of a helicopter and a fraction of the cost.

ProtoPie is a code-free interaction prototyping tool for all digital products, allowing designers to build interactive prototypes in a few hours and engineers to understand design ideas without communication loss. Also, prototypes can communicate with external hardware for physical controls. Therefore, ProtoPie has been loved by not only software companies but also hardware companies in 97 countries.

Food Sponsor — Forward Fooding
Forward Fooding is the world’s first collaborative platform for the Food & Drink industry, a global network of entrepreneurs powered by entrepreneurs that provides the necessary support and velocity to enable collaborations and partnerships between established food organizations and startups.

The London Xoogler Community is organised by Rune Bentien (Investor at ConsenSys, previously Google Cloud), Oana Jinga (Marketing Manager at Google and co-founder of BotsAndUs) and Domenic Donato (Research Engineer at DeepMind), Becky Stephens (founder of Multiplii) and several other volunteers.

To find out more or get involved please contact Xoogler.co EMEA Lead Rune Bentien, partner@xoogler.co.

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Some of the Xoogler Crew members. Credit: Ayleen Nazario

Investor @ ConsenSys.VC, Xoogler.co EMEA Lead.

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