Cue & A: Tell Us About That Time You Hung Out with a Rockstar
Cuepoint Selections

Several lifetimes ago (mid 70's, last century) I was a member of the Clamshell Alliance Concert Committee. We organized the first anti-nuke rock concerts including a major 40,000 person one on the construction site of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire.

One of my jobs was to try and get famous musicians to participate. When someone we thought would be into this was touring in the Boston area, I would arrainge to get backstage and talk them about nuclear power and try to convince them to get involved and do a benefit concert. Turns out backstage at rock concerts is not the most conducive environments to educate people about the issues of nuclear power, but I did get to go to some great concerts for free.

The most sureal attempt was meeting with Bob Marley and the Wailers in their dressing room. I don’t know if he was putting me on or if he was just super high, or that he was really speaking another language, but his Jamaican accent was sooooo thick that I couldn’t understand anything he was saying. He and his bandmates were smoking the biggest splif I had ever seen so the superhigh theory has some legs. Unfortunately they didn’t offer me a chance to take a hit.

So here I was, very diligently trying to explain the issues of nuclear waste, radiation, and why Seabrook shouln’t be built, they were smoking the splif and I never knew if he understood a word I said.

Great concert though…