I live right at the edge of Silicon Valley and can literally see Apple HQ (and all of Slicon Valley) from my window. But there is not cable or fiber and the DSL is a useless "12Mbps down / 756KB up" which has huge jitter and packet loss. I only survive because there is a one man WISP that I have line of site too. But that has huge dropouts and variable latency since there is so much 5Ghz stuff going on around here.

If its so bad within 8 miles of Apple HQ in Silicon Valley, how bad must it be in so many other areas of the USA?

Deploy to Production Cloudfront

Now that our Re-Frame app is running, let’s deploy it to “production” on AWS Cloudfront using Amplify Console.

The Amplify Console allows you to do a CI style deployment from your git repo with almost no work on your part.

Note: The previous article Add Serverless AWS Amplify Authentication to a Clojurescript Re-Frame App and this current article are based on branch basic-amplify-with-cloudfront of the omnyway-labs/amplify_cljs_example repo.

Setup Amplify Console

Connect your repo to the Amplify Console

Use your web browser to go to https://console.aws.amazon.com/amplify/home

  • If you have no previous Amplify Deployments you will see:

Add Serverless Authentication with Almost No Code

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify makes it super simple to build Web and Mobile Apps that use the entire suite of AWS Services with minimal coding by the app developer. Clojurescript and Re-Frame make creating SPA apps a joy. The combination of all three is truly a superpower!

The AWS Amplify CLI makes it easy to setup various AWS services and make them available via the Amplify SDK to your Web or Mobile App. It also has great support for React based apps.

The goal of this project is to show how to be able to use AWS Amplify with Clojurescript / Re-Frame…

Robert J. Berger

CTO/SVP of Engineering at Omnyway.com

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