How our toddler’s first birthday celebration turned out

Hi guys!

A baby’s(of course a toddler now) first birthday is always special. Being a new mom and dad, sure we are tired and exhausted. Amidst that, we decided to celebrate the party at our home with some of our DIY.

The theme

First things first. So, the theme we chose was FROZEN.

Her birthday being on the month of December, we planned to keep it cool with the colors blue and white.

The dress and accessories

So to begin with, we decided to buy her the dress first and thought that it would be an easy task.

Guys, believe it or not! it was a pure exhaustion. We could not find anything pretty in blue color (that includes the shoes, bangles and the hair band) after a day’s hunt in the nearby shops.

As we had only a few days left for the party we ordered it online.

I bought her a white fairy wing too.

The cake

The cake was picture perfect. We placed the Elsa doll (which was a key chain) on the cake to make it look complete.

The DIY stuff

  1. The name board

We decorated the name board using a crown, satin ribbons in blue and white and a big number one.

For her name, we bought some ready made thermocol letters and painted it blue.

We decorated the crown with some crystals and a pearl.

For the number one, we used a thermocol sheet as a base and glued paper flowers on it.

So here is how the name board turned out.

2. The snowflakes

We used white and sky blue color charts to make the snowflakes.

We then hung the snowflakes using blue and white satin ribbons.

3.The Photo frame

We placed a note on a photo frame for the guests to leave their warm wishes.

I think the time spent doing DIY stuff was worth it. Do plan ahead to overcome any obstacles beforehand.

We made sure to complete all the tasks two days before the big day.

That’s it, guys.

Do let me know in the comments section below the theme you chose for your child’s first birthday party.

Also, do let me know if you are interested in knowing the measurements and tips and tricks we used to make the DIY stuff.

Until then take care!

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