My Life Story

Part 1: My Life Story in 100 Words

Since I was five, I knew that I wanted to sing. At age ten, I realized I hated auto tune and unnatural sound. That was also the year of my first musical, and when I stepped onstage I fell I love. Music is my favorite thing. I have always been a talkative person with friends, but I am quieter in class. I love to write because to me it’s the same as acting: putting yourself in another’s shoes. My family moved here from Chicago when I was three. I have one brother. So far that’s my story. There’s still much to be written.

Part 2: Graphing my Life

Part 3: Music

I know zero of today’s pop hits. I hate listening to the top 40 radio station. Sadly, my favorite music doesn’t usually have its own station. I absolutely love theatre music. I’ve barely listened to anything else since I was eleven. I am a singer and have wanted to be on Broadway since I was five. My favorite shows include Hamilton, Les Mis, and The Little Mermaid. I am boggled by the talent that all performers have every time I listen to a new cast album. My current obsession is Hamilton. I am amazed by the way an old story can be worked into something so beautiful and new. The music variety and thematic melodies are ingenious. I know every word to every Hamilton song. My favorite song (it’s so hard to choose!) would have to be Satisfied from Hamilton.

Part 4: Friday Night at 9:00

My friends and I at the football game on Friday.

Part 5: Video of a Typical Moment

Part 6: People I Admire

The person I look up to most is Lin-Manuel Miranda. His musical talent is undeniably a gift. I also admire the way he fights for equality and the rights of everyone around him, no matter who they may be. Lin is a very lighthearted and funny person, but is serious enough to fight for many causes. He has written two Broadway hits, and has also composed for a number of other projects. I love his cause and his music is absolutely amazing to sing and listen to.

Lin reading a sonnet he wrote about Orlando shootings as his Tony acceptance speech.

Another person I am inspired by is Malala Yousefzai. Her courage and bravery blows me away. She fights for women’s and girl’s rights as well as education. Her speeches are empowering and her message to women and children is outstanding. She is an amazing role model.

Althohough I have no picture, I also admire and aspire to be like Mrs Walsh. She is the ”librarian” from Lincoln Middle School, but she is really so much more than that. Every day of seventh and eighth grade I would go up to the library for lunch to help shelve books. Mrs. Walsh taught me something new every single day. She never taught traditional lessons, but instead explained history and course of events of the world. Mrs. Walsh would give us life tips and common sense and knowledge that is not taught in regular classes. I have always found it fascinating to listen to how World War II could have been prevented or why there is conflict in the Middle East and what politicians are doing to oppose it. She also inspired me to volunteer at the public library during the summer. One day I aspire to know as much about the world as Mrs. Walsh does.

Part 7: A Quote to Live By

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” — Kermit the Frog
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