Fighting is About Fighting Episode 4

Hey, fans. Day 30 today. Feels like 100 years and 3 days both at the same time. I have a lot of cool stuff to tell you guys, a lot of really neat stuff to share with you.

This Fighting is about Fighting is about the journey, it’s a document of the journey of where we’re going. The reason I wanted to document it is partly because I wanna look back at history and show my family one day what we were doing. Mark and myself and Aaron and Morgan and Marc-Andre and I think there’ll be others.

So I wanna document it, but I also was hoping to bring you some value like we’re always hoping we can bring you. I thought we might be talking a lot about digital uploads and websites and stuff, but much like we always find, there’s these challenging life lessons in there that you have to overcome, which will ultimately make your life a little smoother.

But I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot and I’m learning a lot realizing how incredibly generous, kind, and cool it is for you to just choose to spend time with me because I think about how choosy I am about what I’m watching, you know. But I’ve got a lot to tell you. A lot of interesting, fun, and cool stuff is happening.

First off, watch out for my new series on Monster Zym, okay? It’s called On the Move and where we started a series. So I believe I told you, but I’ll try to recap quickly. A guy named Mr. Kim who runs Monsters Zym, which is a very big fitness, health, fighting, and sports website in Korea,told me that I had a lot of fans in Korea. Thank you to my fans in Korea, thank you so much for being so kind to me but so Mr. Kim approached me after I was available and said, “Let’s do something.”

We went down to Albuquerque and we shot some stuff that’s coming out pretty much any minute. If you can’t find it right now, it’ll be up within days, and that’s very exciting. But more than that, the time that I’ve spent with Mr. Kim, and Mr. Lee, the gentleman doing the translations. Here’s one thing I can tell you. Everything we make, every word about fighting, and everything else is all gonna be translated into Korean and Chinese so you just press a button and do that.

So if you’ve got friends out in Korea or China or friends who speak those languages, share it with them. It’s so cool. I’m super pumped. But what that made me think in my conversations with Mr. Kim…he’s talked to me about why people in Korea might be interested in what we’re talking about and he said something that was fascinating to me He said that the types of philosophies through which I look at the world, the types of philosophies we speak about, the way that we are looking for growth, and the way that we search the martial arts for lessons and for things that can make our lives better…he said that philosophy is much more in line with many countries in Asia. It just boggled my mind there for a second to think that…because you just think the way you think, everybody does. But that there are different cultures who are very much more my way of thinking and so are you, that’s why you’re hanging out here.

You think a little differently than a lot of other people and once I understood that it really moved me. I also realized that my real goal is to positively influence the martial arts the way it’s consumed, the way it’s discussed, the way it’s shared and dissected. That’s my real goal.

I’ve realized that now. And the idea that I can share and play a role in how people are consuming the martial arts in other countries and understand that they don’t…the way we do things here is kind of the way we’ve always done them and then we get a little stagnant and the way we talk about…the way a lot of people view fighting is just about the controversy or the drama or, you know, the gossip or the story or, you know, “What did the ref do? Oh, my God, that was unfair.” And all of that kinda stuff and that’s not everywhere.

The whole world doesn’t think that way. I realized that the way that fighting can be shared, it can be better. I know that, you know that, we know that. We just do but ruts get formed, grooves get formed. You know, when a rope wears through wood, it makes a groove and it stays there and that’s what’s been happening with the way people talk about fighting. You know, I’ve gone from disdain for the way that fighting is shared to much more understanding and acceptance but with a desire to change it.

And when in countries like China and Korea there isn’t this rope groove, there isn’t this burnt groove where it has to be this way, we can do it this way. We can talk about the art and the elegance and the beauty, the lessons of the martial arts. We can talk about skill and talent and all feel and all of these things flow and we’re gonna and it’s amazing.

So please check it out once it’s up, once the first episode is up. Mark will link it in the description. But I wanna thank Mr. Kim. He’s not only giving me really cool work that I can do to share my love of the martial arts with people, but he’s also had interesting conversations with me that make me understand that people’s philosophy of the way they go about life varies by region too.

The hope is that over time with the web and global sharing, we can influence each other a lot and so why would people in Toronto be a little different than people in Chicago? It’s not genetics, it’s not race, it’s not color. In Toronto, there’s every kind of person. Every kind of person. It’s because we influence each other but with this global way that we can share stuff like this we’ll be able to…everybody can influence each other and we’re gonna try to influence each other better.

There’s something in the way the technology is moving where the audience is self-correcting things. If we don’t all agree with something, we’re slowly self-correcting it, so it is fascinating. But I really do wanna thank Mr. Kim and my friend Mr. Lee. I look forward to meeting you, sir and all the fans in Korea. It’s so amazing to have a new group of people to share ideas with. It’s been spectacular and also…but when you’re watching this I could be in Russia right now.

At the time I’m telling you this, they have approached me…I mean, this is well documented. We’ll see where this goes. They have approached me about doing 10, 12, 15 shows a year, commentating the shows as well as creating analysis for them for ACB in Russia. And it’s the same thing. Russian MMA is exploding and the Russian audience is exploding, massive and this is a big show and I’m honored that they’re so motivated to bring me in and I mean, they seem very motivated, very excited that when I share some stuff about ACB, I get a lot of really great feedback from great fans and I’ve been to Russia and I loved it. If I’m there right now trust that I’m having a great time and I’m loving it and I’m learning a lot but the idea that I will travel to Russia and Prague…I think they’re doing shows in Turkey and Hawaii. I’ve heard England too.

The idea that I’m traveling around all those places once a month to share my love of fighting and describes a beautiful art that’s made by these great artists is really amazing. We have to make a deal and so over the next few episodes, I’ll tell you where that goes. But they seemed really into me and doing it and I’m going over to Russia tomorrow at the time of this taping. We will see where that goes. I’m very excited. There’s so much spirit, you know, and there’s something that reminds me of pride like the early pride days that almost have more meaning to the audience. The audience saw more meaning in that fighting and the Russian audience does as well.

I’m very excited to get to Moscow and then maybe if all goes well Saint Petersburg as well. But the same thing. To be able to shape and…because my perspective on fighting is my own and I know it’s a little different and I know it’s not for everybody when you already have a pre-established way that you consume it. People will message me on Twitter and they’ll say, you know, “Why don’t you just talk about fighting the normal way?” Because I don’t see it that way, it isn’t the normal way. Talking about Twitter beefs and using the same terminology for 20 years and all of these things and everything being about hype and excitement, it isn’t the only way. That’s not the normal way. It’s just the way that is now.

Fighting is a beautiful art, it’s an incredible art form, it’s the most taxing on the mind and the body. The level of intellect that’s required to do battle and the heart and the spirit and the beauty of the game. I mean, that’s how I see it because that’s really there, that’s what it is. So if it’s presented in…particularly in North America the same way as it was in late 90s, early 2000s which was done as people who got into it came a lot of them from being pro wrestling people and so they kinda presented it that way.

It isn’t that way, that’s not what we’re looking at and what we’re looking at, we’re not doing a good job of describing. I’m blown away at the idea that there isn’t not only a predetermined way that fighting is presented in Russia, in Korea, India, all these places, but that they don’t like the way that the North Americans present it and the audiences seem interested in the more philosophical and art and beauty and technical and true and mental aspects of fighting. Isn’t that crazy?

I don’t know where we’re going in the coming months, but it’s a pretty exciting time. Oh, I got something else I can tell you. I am currently working over at TSN, which is the sports network here in Canada. We’re trying to develop a little documentary on Georges Saint Pierre, the most famous Canadian fighter, and so I’ll tell you how that goes too. Been working on that with some people up there. George is into it, TSN is into it,and I’m into it, so we’re probably gonna do it. A lot of things can happen in the meantime.

So, so much is going on and how about this? It’s day 30 today like I said. So you can change the YouTube name on days after 30 days so now mine is just YouTube slash something. C I believe slash Robin Black. So 30 days in. We’ve made 40-plus videos many of which you’re gonna see over the next week, 10 days. We have a new series in Korea. I’m flying to Russia to negotiate possibly commentating many, many shows all around Europe. I had Dominick Cruz today gave a ride to the airport. If you haven’t seen that, check it out.

It was a real treat to hang out with Dom. He’s a cool dude. Buffalo was amazing, we went down to Buffalo. Hung out a fair bit with Jon Anik. I drank a bunch of beers and John, if you see this, thank you, man. John’s been giving me real good advice and insight and he’s such a generous dude. GO ask around. Ask…well, you don’t know people that know John necessarily but ask around on Twitter. He’s the nicest cat going. Hard-working, driven, smart, kind. You look up to people like that. When you meet people like that, learn from them.

And I’ve been learning a lot from Jon Anik and he’s been very kind to me. It’s been unreal. This might…other than missing my wife who is away on tour right now. I got to see her in Dallas before I went to Albuquerque and I’ll see her again after Russia. We’re gonna go to Mexico. Other than being away from her, I think this has been the most exciting 30 days in my life. You know? Made new friends. I didn’t even know Mark 30 days ago. And made new friends, got off my ass.

When I look back at that…I’m gonna go back and watch that first video. I haven’t watched it. Fighting is about Fighting One. I remember saying I didn’t know what we were doing,where we were going. or what was going on, but I just needed to start.I remember saying I wanted to practice what I preach and I am. And if you’re watching this, I am not special, there’s nothing different about me than there is about you.

I just learned a lot of stuff and I did stuff I started, so just if there’s something you wanna do, just start. If you already started, congratulations. It’s awesome. You know, it’s awesome. So I’m gonna go back and watch that and then I won’t watch it again for a year, but so many other things, I don’t even know where to start. There’s talk of a studio. The amount of people that have offered stuff to us, graphics and pictures and studio space and all kinds of things. You know, Monster Zym has been kind, my friend Dr. Faisal, my buddy Rix Nickolas.

We have 125,000 views as of this point on 35 videos and 8,500 subscribers in a month. If you’re one of them, thank you. You didn’t have to do that, you chose to do that. You could choose a million things and I value the fact that you chose this. It means a lot to me, it means a lot to us. We have a cool team coming together here.

I’m sure there’s some stuff I forgot, and I’ve said this the last four times, but it’s not always going to be great news. So be happy for us and we’re happy for ourselves, but we know that there’s gonna be tough times ahead because that’s life and we’re ready for it.

Thank you again. It’s been the best 30 days of my life except for missing my wife. Miss you, sweetie.

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