In Business as in Martial Arts as in All Things

You have to have a true picture of the realities of the business you’re in. Then you can make informed decisions based on truth.

To truly do that you may need to trade leisure time for study time.

To properly do the job that you have specialized in will take all day, so the night may have to be used to analyze the macro picture of the ever-shifting market.

If you do not do that — trade leisure time for study time — the market will shift and you will make moves as if nothing has changed. But everything will have changed, and your moves will be incorrect in the new pivoted landscape.

So no more XBOX if you want to win. No more Netflix. You must do the specialized job all day and you must identify and adapt to the waves at night.

Reward yourself with a Friday night off, scoop out a Sunday for yourself when you can, and get back at it.

That’s what the winners are doing. Study them. It’s not luck. It’s work.

Do the work.

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