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Welcome to the Nu Romantics! We are finally up and running on Facebook and hope to begin our pages to highlight and share our work through cross mediums and blogs.The Nu Romantics began as a movement to house many varying genres under one roof, finding that the romantic is much more than the Romance trope that has become synonymous with “Happy Endings.”

In an article I wrote here, I try to expand upon the notion and idea that the genre and trope of Romance and the word romanticism as found in literature, needs to take on a new tact. The romanticists of old tried to embrace this very idea back in the 18th/19th century, but like all good things, people and writing and the world changes, morphs, and what once could be easily categorized is no longer the case. For each and every new movement in literature comes with it a bit of rebellion, or revolution as we like to call it.

Every labelled genre comes with its own set of problems but the two that seem to be the most easily pigeon-holed are Erotica and Romance. Erotica used to make me think of such greats as Anais Nin, Henry Miller, or D.H. Lawrence, or works like The Story of O or even Lolita. It is not the case today. Today, Erotica seems to be equated to titillation, some of it becoming so crude as to hardly titillate the senses at all but to describe the sexual act in the crudest of terms, to outdo the other to see who can go the furthest.

Quite frankly, I’d rather watch porn. Perhaps erotica, for me, meant eroticism. I’m not sure when the term erotica began to shift into something else. That isn’t to say that eroticism isn’t still found in the genre of Erotica; it is to say that that is becoming the perception. And erotic is so much more than that. In fact, it can be downright romantic. And the very definition is getting lost.

Romance suffers the same fate as a genre. It now comes with a set of defined principles, that if there isn’t a happy ending or a happy-for-now ending, it’s rubbish and can’t be published or classified under that umbrella according to many publishers. Just look. Many of their websites clearly state that they will not accept anything less. And that’s just crazy. Look at so many classics. They may not be labelled Romance, but they are, indeed, romantic.And that is the point. There is the romantic to be found is almost every genre. Nu Romanticism is a revolution that attempts to define a new romanticism. One for this decade. One for now. And one that doesn’t put things in such confined boxes.

So what are some of the defining priniciples of this revolution? Well. It isn’t all that easy to quantify:

1. The fundamental principle behind Nu Romanticism is feeling, the emotion found in passion, love, pleasure, the erotic, and life and its equal opposites of stoicism, hate, pain, longing, and death.

2. Romantic is more than Romance as outlined in: boy meet girls; couple falls in love; they break up; they make up; they marry or if not, promise to.3. The Romantic is found in relationships: person to person; art to person; nature to person, death and life to person; imagination to person; sex to person; love to person; the list is endless.4. Nu Romanticism celebrates the beauty of language: imagery; figurative language; elements of poetic devices. It is not purple prose but instead tries to do what poetry does- conciseness of word choice to capture beauty. It’s about the romance within the written word itself even.

With these tenets in mind, it is clear why Nu Romanticism can encompass so many genres of writing. A story may very well end up happily ever after. It may very end up with a poetic death. In either case, we, the Nu Romantics, would argue that the romantic can be found in both. Join us. The revolution has begun!

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Writer, blogger, poet, & founding member of The Nu Romantics. On a journey to self-discovery. Author of Edge of Torment, Thorne, & Imogen. Ruin My Lipstick.

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R.B. O'Brien

R.B. O'Brien

Writer, blogger, poet, & founding member of The Nu Romantics. On a journey to self-discovery. Author of Edge of Torment, Thorne, & Imogen. Ruin My Lipstick.

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