Winter is coming: Here are 5 things to think about to keep riding through the cold
Tom Babin

Thanks Tom, I too am a winter cycling fan and commute year round. One thing I would promote however is getting studded tires. I live in a city you may be referring to as very winter friendly (Vancouver) and while we don’t get huge amounts of snow (sometimes none, sometimes a few weeks) we do get a lot of days where the temperature hovers around freezing. This makes it very difficult to tell if the road is icy or just wet. Sometimes it’s both — wet where the sun shines and icy in the shadows. With studded tires I just sail on through like I’m riding on dry pavement! The confidence these tires give really puts the fun into winter riding rather than picking ones way along with trepidation. Of course these tires do create more road resistance and require more effort peddling, and you end up riding with them many days they aren’t actually needed but hey, it’s a great workout and for any days they they save me from injury and off the bike they’re well worth it. These tires are great for ice and hard packed snow, for deeper, softer snow I get out the fatter (also studded) tires and the mountain bike. Since we have very limited snow removal here, the fatter tires are sometimes required for days but there’s not much I can’t get through! Highly recommend the studs!

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